The Morning Funnies: A Pizza Bikini + Ke$ha's New Lip Tattoo

Ask a Grown Man: Judd Apatow edition. The comedy king answers young girls' questions and doles out nuggets of wisdom like "If it ain't happenin', it ain't happenin'." [via Rookie Mag]

Ke$ha got a lip tattoo that reads: "Suck It!" [via]

No need to buy a new bathing suit when you can just... buy pizza. [via alwaysphilthy]

Pug, in bunny suit. [via F*ck Yeah Dogs in Drag]

Everyday, for a year, photographer Irina Werning took photos of her friend's Chinese Crested Chini in custom-built sets. Behold, The Chini Project.

Game of Bridesmaids: Game of Thrones stills, Bridesmaids quotes. [via HuffPo]
Jessie Gaynor's "Drunk Texts From Famous Authors" from the Paris Review. Here's John Cheever's. [via Lost At E Minor]

Ermahgerd!! [via Icirishboy]
Whoa. While writing a tribute to Nora Ephron, Ben Smith noticed that the You've Got Mail site has not been touched since 1998. [via Ben Smith]
Our two favorite celebrities, Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler, on the set of The Came Together. [via amyohconnor]

At last night's premiere of Robert De Niro's "Red Lights" at the Sunshine Cinema, actor Ezra Miller shook some sort of antler at photographers. He was also carrying a rubber frog in his shirt pocket. [via Page Six,]

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