The Morning Funnies: A One-Pup Parade + Bart Simpson Furniture

One pup parade: Before the Pope was set to make an appearance during a parade in Mexico, this little guy had himself a moment in the spotlight. [via The Daily What]

Whoa, the mom from My So Called Life was on Mad Men last night as a free-wheeling psychotherapist hosting an LSD party. [Via PopWatch]

Kristen Stewart does her best to blend in with the crowd at Coachella. [via Oh No They Didn't]

The red Solo cup gets the high class treatment. [via BuzzFeed]

The ever-subtle Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing Kanye West's initials as earrings. [via Daily Mail]

Giant marionette alert! [via Laughing Squid]

The Bart Chair, designed by 56thStudio. [via World's Best Ever]

Remember Joe Millionaire? This is what he looks like now. [via BuzzFeed]

We thought we would want to laugh at Rita Wilson's earnest, frolicking-on-the-beach-at-sunset music video for her song "All I Have to Do Is Dream," but it's actually really sweet and catchy! [via Vulture]

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