The Moon In The Gutter, "A Fascinating, Beautiful Mess" Is Out On DVD!

Out on DVD now is The Moon In The Gutter. Director Jean-Jacques Beineix's 1983 follow- up to his smash hit Diva was this wildly stylized movie based on a novel by David Goodis set around a seedy dock teaming with drunks, deviants, hookers, and wall-size posters for champagne saying: "Try Another Life." Gerard Depardieu plays a dock worker haunted by his sister's suicide (after being raped), who nightly revisits the alley where her body was discovered searching for clues to the man who violated her. He meets and falls for a beautiful wealthy girl (Natassia Kinski) who returns to the neighborhood searching for her dissolute brother. This movie was dismissed by critics and audiences at the time as pretentious, but it has an intoxicating, mad quality that is riveting, and I profess a guilty love for it. According to the director, the original running time was four hours and it was a much better film (but all the footage was later destroyed by the studio). Nonetheless, it's a fascinating, beautiful mess.

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