The Moldy Peaches Stop By The View

Ellen Page isn't the only one one generating mountains of buzz for her role in Juno -- the anti-folk cutie-pies The Moldy Peaches have also resurfaced as stars of the best-selling soundtrack, on which singer Kimya Dawson wrote a few new songs, and the band's catchy tune "Anyone But You" is featured. Ellen Page told us in our Dec./Jan. issue that the Moldy Peaches are exactly the type of band she envisioned Juno listening to. Here are Kimya and her right-hand man Adam Green singing "Anyone Else But You" on The View this past Monday -- who would have thought that the singers behind the lyrics "Who mistook this steak for chicken/ who'm I gonna stick my dick in" would end up on The View? Not us! Wonder if Kimya is going to release a new album after this?? We know Adam's newest "Sixes & Sevens" is out in mid-March.

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