The Makers of "The Outs" Are Back with New Web Series "Whatever this is."

by Max Kessler

Ever since The Outs ended, there's been a big, web series-shaped hole in our hearts. But now Adam Goldman, Beautiful Person Hunter Canning -- who plays a straight guy this time around -- and the rest of the crew are back with the first episode of their new series "Whatever this is." Unlike The Outs, which focuses on the process of ending a relationship and becoming friends with an ex, "Whatever this is." is about the shitty jobs people take in their early-to-mid twenties. Whether they're working on a fictional Real Housewives of the Upper East Side or being straight-up unemployed, the characters' experiences will either give you nightmarish flashbacks to the part of your life when you were paying your dues and had a perpetually overdrawn bank account or feel utterly, uncomfortably familiar.  Watch the full first episode above.

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