Far away from the land of endless warehouse art raves in East Brooklyn, a townhouse on East 28th street was transformed into beloved ‘90s tween store, Limited Too, on Saturday night. Dreamed up by new media artist Matt Starr and his crew, the space – dubbed “The Limited F#cking 2” -- featured fuzzy pink carpet, a 7-ft iPhone that snapped selfies, a 6-ft Justin Bieber shrine, a 15-ft bloody tampon and a giant plastic zorb. It was adolescence on steroids and soundtracked by Teen Witch Fan Club’s remix of “Wrecking Ball” set on repeat.

Guests, sipping extra-potent jungle juice in slurpee cups or painting each other’s nails with glittery silver polish, were heard saying things like “This feels like a safe space” and “I feel like I’m in Carebears land.” While staring at ceiling projections of emojis, Lisa Frank characters and the Snapchat icon, we heard another person rave, “I just can’t find anything annoying about this.” Posted up against a wall, near a giant pair of boobs, he added, “Usually I look around a space like, ‘Ugh, ugh, ugh,’ but here everything just works.”

Talking to Starr via email post-event, he was quick to say that the project wasn’t intended to be “an exhibition in the traditional sense” but more of a “space created to be interacted with.” And, over everything, he said “The F#cking Limited Too” is “really just the perfect space to Instagram.” #TextMeBB!