The Life and Times of Fabian Basabe: "I Am Done with Vegas For at Least a Few Weeks!"

Fabian Basabe

And right when you thought you got rid of me... Hi guys, I am back! And I have a question: why are you reading this blog if you think I am a douche bag? Come on, click away from this page and make room for all those who like me, because yes, they are many and many more. Did I get rid of you? Did I now? Okay then, keep reading, but now the douchebag is you!!!

Anyway... Let's talk about my endorsement campaign. I was asked to be the face, literally, of a very cool skin care company, Dr. Alessi, which is based in Los Angeles and who promise to make every client look like me. Pretty groovy, yeah? And, as if that were not enough, Dr. Alessi is the founder of an amazing charity foundation called Face Forward, so I am definitely proud and flattered they asked me and I hope I will do I good job representing them.

Now let's talk about my TV project. I was approached by Lifetime and asked to participate in an episode of their show Top This Party. Basically, the show follows you and your party planner's trials and tribulations throughout the process of trying to plan the best party EVER. Since I just got the endorsement campaign, and my friend Brittny Gastineau wanted to throw me a party for that, we just jumped at it and said YEEEESSSSS! And just like that I am back on TV. Let me just say that after my extensive study of parties I kinda knew that this party was going to be... well.... but as you know, I never say no to a party, so I cheerfully accepted the job, packed up and left for Vegas, where the show was going to be filmed.

I was in Vegas for six days... have you ever spent that long there? And I thought LAST time I went it was brutal!!! (Well.... they did take me to Celine Dion's concert....) No, seriously, six days is just way to much -- the air is just
poison there and I am so glad it's over, and I am done with Vegas for at least a few weeks!

The show was a lot of work, but it was fun to film. Our party planner was named
Breakfast, because he throws parties that go on all night and in the morning fixes a very good breakfast for everyone. I am serious, there really is a man out there who actually takes pride in his ridiculous nickname. The party was at Privé, the club of the hotel, and it was absolutely Vegas-style. Special guests included Heatherette’s Traver Raines and Richie Rich, who out of the blue were in Vegas as well. I love them, so it was so random and so fun to see them there!

Meanwhile... the annual porn convention was going on that very week at the Venetian Hotel... like I was ever going to miss anything like that! Since I’ve been friends with some porn stars in the past (and let me just tell you that they are fantastic, fun, sexy girls who party like rock stars and look sooooo good) I was invited to the convention and I enjoyed my tour like a six-year-old in a candy shop. My favorite part as the woman with the biggest boobs in the world -- they were enormous, and she was probably well into her 50s... a freak of nature like I have only seen in Times Square or in the jungle of Ecuador. And then there was the penis mold. Yes, the penis mold, a plastic substance that you pour on your hard penis to make a mold out of it and a device that you stick into the mold to make a dildo out of it. The perfect anniversary gift for your loved one.

So you can imagine that after surviving all this in Vegas, I really needed my Mommy. So I am now in Miami, where it has been raining constantly but I don't care. I am actually quite scarred from the whole experience and was very much looking forward to stay in and go to the movies a lot. OK, scratch that. Some friends flew down from New York and we’ve been going out like we were in jail for 30 years! But that is a whole other blog entry, so until then, be nice to one another! And remember that I love you!

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