The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas Talk Hot Pants and Booties In New Clip

by Abby Schreiber

Our friends over at Bib + Tuck, a new site that lets its members sell ("bib") and buy ("tuck") each other's clothes and accessories using virtual currency, spent an afternoon vintage browsing with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas. For those unfamiliar, the IFs, Valerie and Jean, are two fashion bloggers who, as they put it, are "growing old with verve" with some killer style. In the short clip above, the two reminisce about punk-and-disco-era New York, wearing hot pants with, uh,  questionable embroidery work and "low booties." For any fans of Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style (which has featured the IF gals) or Iris Apfel, this clip's a fun little watch.

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