The Goddess Bunny - L.A. Woman Supreme!

While searching for a YouTube clip from the turgid 1958 drama The Goddess ( Paddy Chayevsky's thinly veiled story about Marilyn Monroe as interpreted by the amazing Kim Stanley), I instead came across footage of L.A.'s very own Goddess Bunny.

To hell with Marilyn! In a tinsely town where beautiful blondes are a dime-a-dozen (and chewed up and spit out and occasionally jailed by the hour) The Goddess Bunny is one L.A. Woman who stands out! In fact "her" very existence is a political act of performance art that surpasses one and all! All hail The Goddess Bunny! Her star shines the brightest in this dull firmament!

For those not in the loop, here is a description of The Goddess Bunny lifted from one of the YouTube postings:

"Johnnie Baima is an American drag queen. Baima suffered a difficult childhood, being struck by polio and severely abused as a boy. As an adult he became a drag queen and changed his name to Sandie Crisp, gaining an enormous following in the Hollywood gay and transgendered subculture.

The Goddess Bunny is both the name of his alter-ego and the name of a rare 90 minute VHS documentary about Baima. As well as Johnnie's following in the gay and transgender community, he has also attained some notoriety in mainstream culture by appearing in Marilyn Manson's Dope Show music video"

I first learned of TGB while hanging out at the mondo bizarro video store Mondo Video A-Go-Go (back when it was still on Vermont Avenue, back when Vermont Avenue was still lowlife-friendly). I think they were taking donations for The Goddess Bunny's Dildo Fund. Those kooks! I later ran into TGB at one of the Hollywood Forever movie screenings. TGB was in her motorized wheelchair near the restrooms at the entrance, plugged into a socket as her chair's battery needed recharging. I asked if she needed help but she very matter-of-factly said "no." I really wanted to have a conversation and learn MORE MORE MORE about this fascinating person but TGB seemed to prefer to just sit and wait in silence while her battery recharged. Without a doubt one of THE most interesting personalities -- gay, straight or transgendered -- in town!

Get into her extended network NOW! Who would she most like to meet? "Anyone as creepy as me but there aren't many like that." Memo to Goddess Bunny: YOU are NOT creepy! It's the restt of the world that is!!!!!!!

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