The Game of Thrones Blooper Reel is Glorious

by Elizabeth Thompson

Game of Thrones Blooper reel is very necessary. [Uproxx]

Jon Hamm was on the Tonight Show Friday and he and Jimmy Fallon spit food all over each other in this '80s cops sketch. [Uproxx]

Here's a super-cut of Disney Park employees falling down in their costumes. I know, it's mean, but watching Goofy tip over while horrified children watch is kiiiinda super funny.

Just a compilation of puppies and chunky dogs rolling down hills, because the Internet loves you and don't ever forget that. [TastefullyOffensive]

Sisyphean cute overload: Fox kits trying to go up a slide. Just mute the lame music. [TastefullyOffensive]

Same. [Mlkshk]

Oh noooooo: Here's a heart-melting clip of a 8-week-old puppy named Clyde snuggling a baby. Too much, too much. [TastefullyOfffensive]

Hate you, Monday. [Mlkshk]

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