The Funnies: Adele's Supposed Ex + Scratch-n-Sniff Jeans


This man, who goes by the name Slinky Sunbeam, could be Adele's ex -- he of inspiring the heart-wrenching songs on her Grammy-winning album 21 fame. Huh. (Read our 2011 interview with Adele, wherein she talks about him here.) [via Jezebel]

Funny, TV-themed Valentine's Day cards by Jon Defreest. Print em out over at Vulture.

Scratch-n-Sniff jeans. [via The Laughing Squid]

Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan had some fun photobombing at the Eastbound & Down premiere party. [via BuzzFeed]

Oh, New Yorkers. [via Gary Shteyngart]

Teddybear the Porcupine gets into some Valentine's Day treats.

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