The Exorcist On Blu-ray!

Out now on Blu-ray is a terrific, two-disc special edition of The Exorcist (Warner Brothers), William Friedkin's excellent film version of the William Peter Blatty novel about a young girl possessed by the devil. Starring Ellen Burstyn as the troubled mom and Linda Blair as the head-spinning, pea soup-vomiting, demonically possessed child. This 1973 film was a phenomenon at the box office and still elicits chills. The special edition Blu-ray mercifully has the movie as it was theatrically presented, plus the extended version (with shots of the girl, crab-like, running upside down ta staircase). There are also documentaries on the movie's production plus never-before seen set footage. It's one of the truly scary movies ever made and makes a fabulous treat for Halloween.Run out and get a copy -- the power of Christ compels you!

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