The-Dream's "Trilogy" is Our Music Video of the Day

Jonah Wolf

Remember the scene in Purple Rain where Morris Day conducts an Apollonia 6 rehearsal? Well, that's the vibe at the beginning of The-Dream's new three-part music video, as the man born Terius Nash stands in a warehouse lip-syncing to "Little Red Corvette" homage "Yamaha" in front of an all-female band. Perched on the titular vehicle is (darling?) Nikki, as in the clip's second song, "Nikki, Pt. 2," whom we see frolicking with The-Dream in flashback. Finally comes "Abyss," wherein the perfidious Nikki crawls longingly around a Dream-free mattress. "Now let the water fall," remarks The-Dream stoically, and we all know what color rain he's talking about.

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