The Bushwick Block Party + Ke$ha's New Cat = Eight Items or Less

1. An amazing video promo for the Bushwick Block Party taking place at Roberta's on July 28th. Sabado! Sabado! Sabado! It kind of reminds us of those "Kickspit Underground Rock Festival" skits on SNL.  [via Eater]

2. You can rent out this Lower East Side Timeshare Backyard for $100 an hour. [via Gothamist]

3. Starting tonight at 6 p.m., artist Mike Perry will draw for 24 hours straight. He will be streaming the whole thing on his YouTube channel. [via Animal NY]

4. The average rent for a Manhattan apartment has reached a two-year high at $3778. That said, rents ever-so-slightly decreased in Midtown West, the Upper East Side and the Lower East Side. [via Daily Intel]

5. Hubba hubba. Ryan Lochte bears all on the cover of Men's Journal. [via Just Jared]

6. Ke$ha got a kitten. [via BuzzFeed]

7. Steven Tyler is leaving American Idol! Over to you, No Teef Steven Tyler: "I am weaving AMEWICKAN IDOL to get some new teef!! Fanks for the memowees J.Wo and Wandy Jackson! Shimmy-dimmy-dang-dang! ‪#NoTeef."

8. A fun, illuminating chat between Jane Pratt and Amy Odell on BuzzFeed.

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