The Blonds
are opening their fashion show this season on February 16th at Milk Studios with a short film directed by Luca Finotti and produced by MAO PR. The cast of clubby cameos includes: Stella Ellis, Gazelle, Anita Sarko, Ladyfag, Darian Darling, JoJo America, Malik So Chic and Rainblo (to name a few and well, the names that are the most fun to type out). "We were watching so many vintage movies from the '40s and '50s while designing the Fall collection," David Blond tells me." We got inspired to make our own mini-movie which had always been a dream of ours." Phillipe Blond was thrilled about the colorful cast of characters. "We had the best time on this shoot because we were able to work with friends that are true New Yorkers at heart," Phillipe says. Plus, I love getting dressed up." Hey Blonds: next Fashion Week, I'm very ready for my close-up.