The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

by Paper
Best Retrospective of the Week: This round-up of hideous fashion from the 2004 MTV VMAs courtesy of the Fug Girls. Wut in holy Baroque Liberace Hell is Beyoncé wearing? -- Abby Schreiber

Biggest Oh No, Why Is This Happening, Nooooo Of the Week:

The trailer for Lifetime's Brittany Murphy biopic is out and it's insane. Watch it over at BuzzFeed. This shit is definitely for virgins who can't drive  --Elizabeth Thompson

Most Interesting Long Read of the Week: This GQ story about a Maine hermit named Christopher Knight who lived alone in the wilderness for almost thirty years without talking to a single other human being. -- A.S.

Best Kate Bush Cover of the Week: Nite Jewel's. To mark the elusive singer's return to the stage, MOJO Magazine commissioned 15 tracks of Kate Bush-inspired Dream-pop. Nite Jewel's RnB interpretation of "Hounds of Love" is magical. -- Gabby Bess

Best Beef of the Week: 50 Cent has promised to donate $750K to the charity of boxer Floyd Mayweather's choosing if Mayweather can read one page of a Harry Potter book aloud without messing up. -- Elizabeth Thompson

Best Tumblr of the Week: Complements. A project between artists Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree, Complements pokes fun at the awful and embarrassing couple photos that are proudly posted to the Internet. But unlike those Facebook pics, you'll actually want to look at these portraits. -- GB

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