The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

by Abby Schreiber + Elizabeth Thompson
Most Awesome/Weirdest Celebrity Couple News of the Week: The news that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have a picture of Brad Pitt over their bed. (Photo by Julian Mackler/

Best Coachella Cutie: Leonardo DiCaprio.

Most Exciting Fashion News of the Week: Alexander Wang is doing a collab with H&M!!

Best Map of the Week: The Judgmental Map of NYC by Joe Larson. "Red Lobster???' = perfect.

Best Way to Celebrate 4/20 This Weekend: Smoking some bud and watching this super cut of weed-centric scenes from movies/TV shows/music videos on an infinite loop. [via Death + Taxes]

Best Way to Spend a Saturday This Week: By attending #blaystudio's "Made In America; Success Stories from the Diaspora," a series of workshops led by members of the African creative community in the States.

Best Line in Model Files' Coachella Episode: "Make a face like you're renting a big car!"

Craziest TV News of the Week: Michelle Obama is going to guest star on Nashville. What the what? That's awesome! Michelle + Connie 4 lyfe.

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