The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

by Paper
Cutest Cat Photo Shoot of the Week: "Dancing with Cats." Though Alexandra Crockett's "Metal Cats" were a very close runner-up, Heather Busch's photo series is an undeniable classic. Taken from her 1999 photography book of the same name, "Dancing with Cats" perfectly captures the joy and absurdity of feline love. -- Gabby Bess

Best Late Night Clip of the Week: Boy Meets World-meets-Samuel L. Jackson-meets-slam poetry. -- Tucker Chet Markus

Best Party of the Week:

The launch party for Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition whisky, held inside the Greenpoint warehouse that's normally the site of the Brooklyn Night Market. This shit had everything: whisky drinks, Roberta's pizza, Crif Dogs, boxing (yes, boxing), art, and a live performance by Blood Orange. Awesome. -- Abby Schreiber  [Image via Getty]
NSFW Website of the Week: The magazine that's been hailed as the perfect blend of smut and literature (think vintage Playboy meets The Paris Review meets something way cooler) is now available online. -- GB

Best Bling:

Johnny Depp's engagement ring. Not the one he gave to fiancee Amber Heard, but the one he gave himself. Yep. #treatyoself Johnny. -- Maggie Dolan

Best Video Played in Reverse of a Guy Walking Backwards in Tokyo:

This one. Very art. -- TCM

The Worst Diet of the Week: The
Coachella Diet. It's exactly as awful as it sounds. -- GB

Cutest Dichromatic Crowd We Saw All Week: The cool kids who turned up for The Byrne Notice two-year anniversary party, sponsored by Farfetch, dressed in trés chic black and white cookie/ying-yang ensembles. -- AS [Photo by Benjamin Lozovosky/]

Easiest Way to Do Good This Month: For the month of April (Autism Awareness Month) Ryan Blair, former gang member-turned-CEO of ViSalus and New York Times bestselling author, will be donating $1 for every share/like of his award-winning documentary Nothing To Lose-- M.D.

Best Lion King-Related News of the Week:
This clip. Imagining some tired, jaded traveling businessman, stone-faced, getting full-on NAAAAAAAANTS INGONYAMA BAGITHI BABAAAA'd by the entire cast of The Lion King is fun. -- TCM

Coolest Collab: Jawbone x VSCO (Visual Supply Company) are teaming together for a photography collaboration designed to capture the diverse situations where music exists. This is REAL LIFE. -- MD

Best Political GIFs We Saw All Week:

"World Leaders Becoming Drag Queens." Werk. -- AS [h/t Eric!]

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