The Best Party Pics from Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

There was so much to see last week at Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 that it was hard to keep track. Here's a look back at some of our favorite moments. All photos by Rebecca Smeyne, unless otherwise noted.

Best Interior Decorating: this statue of a bear in a cape holding a bowling ball from Desi Santiago's "The Black Lords."

Best Outdoor Installation: Evan Gruzis' "Monument to Fashion" at Villa Vecchia.

Best swag: this shower filter from Jonathan Horowitz's "Free Store."

Best headgear: the plastic fruit on these ladies at PAPER and Benetton's "Tutti Frutti" party.

Best t-shirt: this "Seapunk" number with a picture of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, spotted at Chez Deep's house party.

Best Casual Basel Look: This paw-print pasties ensemble spotted at Desi Santiago's "The Black Lords" opening.

Best moves: this guy at the Matthew Stone ball at Villa Vecchia.

Just kidding, this guy had the best moves at the Matthew Stone ball at Villa Vecchia.

Best disco nap: Casey Spooner rests up on his way to Chez Deep's house party.

Two's a trend: cinderblocks were on show at both OHWOW's "It Ain't Fair" and NADA's pool party.

Best performance art in a pool: Genevieve Belleveau and Labanna Babalon at the NADA pool party.

Best DJ Booth: Cyril Duvall's at the NADA pool party.

Best celebrity spotting: Bey-Z at José Parla and JR's Wrinkles of the City book launch. [Photo by BillyFarrell/]

Cutest Art Basel Couple: Diane Von Furstenberg and Russell Simmons. [Photo courtesy of Syndicate Media Group]

You can take the girl out of New York...: Roxanne Lowit wears all black to the Hole's Lazy Sunday BBQ at the Standard.

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