There was so much to see last week at Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 that it was hard to keep track. Here's a look back at some of our favorite moments. All photos by Rebecca Smeyne, unless otherwise noted.

Best Interior Decorating: this statue of a bear in a cape holding a bowling ball from Desi Santiago's "The Black Lords."

Best Outdoor Installation: Evan Gruzis' "Monument to Fashion" at Villa Vecchia.

Best swag: this shower filter from Jonathan Horowitz's "Free Store."

Best headgear: the plastic fruit on these ladies at PAPER and Benetton's "Tutti Frutti" party.

Best t-shirt: this "Seapunk" number with a picture of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, spotted at Chez Deep's house party.

Best Casual Basel Look: This paw-print pasties ensemble spotted at Desi Santiago's "The Black Lords" opening.

Best moves: this guy at the Matthew Stone ball at Villa Vecchia.

Just kidding, this guy had the best moves at the Matthew Stone ball at Villa Vecchia.

Best disco nap: Casey Spooner rests up on his way to Chez Deep's house party.

Two's a trend: cinderblocks were on show at both OHWOW's "It Ain't Fair" and NADA's pool party.

Best performance art in a pool: Genevieve Belleveau and Labanna Babalon at the NADA pool party.

Best DJ Booth: Cyril Duvall's at the NADA pool party.

Best celebrity spotting: Bey-Z at José Parla and JR's Wrinkles of the City book launch. [Photo by BillyFarrell/]

Cutest Art Basel Couple: Diane Von Furstenberg and Russell Simmons. [Photo courtesy of Syndicate Media Group]

You can take the girl out of New York...: Roxanne Lowit wears all black to the Hole's Lazy Sunday BBQ at the Standard.