I can't think of a better way to embrace the depths of miserable winter than by looking ahead and thinking about what we'll be wearing the same time next year.  Another round of fashion weeks are beginning, and while every designer will soon be putting forth their offerings for keeping us warm, few do it better than the Swedes. On one hand, they're masters of layering, and also make good use of the warmest technical fabrics, wools, and knits at their disposal to create clothes that will weather the worst of winter. On the other hand, they're just good at sucking it up and wearing things that some of us would consider completely inappropriate because they have a higher than average tolerance to extreme cold.  Here are my favorite looks from the first day of Stockholm Fashion Week, ranging from a weather appropriate green suede trench coat from Whyred, to a less practical sheer gown and corset ensemble from V Ave Shoe Repair.

1. V Ave Shoe Repair's X-Ray women

2. Whyred's forest creatures

3. Carin Wester's romanticized flight attendants

4. Ubi Sunt's progressive-thinking male

5. Altewai.Saomi's embellished take on masculine/feminine