The 10 Most Horrifying "Millennial-y" Lines From the Selfie Pilot

by Kyla Bills
At first glance, Selfie may seem like a shameless bid for millennial viewers with its "My Fair Lady-meets-social media" plotline but that didn't mean we weren't glued to our couch watching the pilot last night anyway. The show focuses on social media-obsessed Eliza (get it?), who gets "rebranded" by uptight marketing whiz, Henry (played by John Cho aka Harold from Harold and Kumar). While we're probably supposed to hate Eliza for her vapid self interest, she plays so far into the overwrought "social media obsessed selfish millennial" stereotype that the show is hard to take seriously. Anyone under 40 with an internet connection and an interest in current events is on social media, so demonizing it to the point that Eliza is portrayed as less human than social media-free Henry is pretty ridiculous. The entire show is based on the same tired cliches people have been recycling since Twitter and Instagram came into online existence. All in all, it's a bit of a yawn. But, since -- allegedly -- millennials are forever interested in millennials, we rounded up the most stereotypical millennial, cringe-inspiring quotes from the first episode.

1. "Social media is this giant fingernail that scratches this woman's itch for constant validation." - Henry

2. "When Siri is the only person there for you, you realize that being friended isn't the same as being friends." - Eliza

3. "I find it easy not to make personal connections in a city that only values wireless connections." - Henry

4. "You are addicted to the instant gratification of unearned adulation from a group of perfect strangers you insist on referring to as your friends." - Henry

5. "I could transform you from a vapid, despised, social media obsessed narcissist into a valued and respected woman of stature." - Henry

6. "No phones. No wedding selfies." - Henry

7. "I may get thousands of likes and retweets and favorites but it's entirely possible that no one will ever look at me the way that Terrance was looking at her." - Eliza

8. "Did you Google me? Don't you dare Google me!" - Henry 

9. "I was done socializing and back to social networking." - Eliza

10. "All my friends' names start with "@" symbols, I get all my news from Buzzfeed, I have a negative Uber ranking and I've never shown up for jury duty." - Eliza

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