Art fans flocked to The Clocktower last night for multiple happenings -- exhibit closings, openings, previews, screenings, one-night only perishable displays and more. Meandering through the hallways of the institution felt like a being at a party in an experimental carnival funhouse. Many of the exhibits were interactive: Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels' "Crystal Cavern," a dynamic, large-scale construction set to "grow and evolve" throughout its residency, was full of nooks for guests to awkwardly explore. Babyharvester, a collaboration between New York City based publication Slice Harvester, indie-games arcade Babycastles and illustrator Yusuke Okada, recreated a pizzeria in their room, serving real pizza (imported from downstairs, alas). The culmination of Nick Chatfield-Taylor's MVT2 music video-based project with the Unstoppable Death Machines, which we previewed here, packed a huge room for its screening. A. Taylor Kuffner's piece Gamelatron Jalan Jiwo is a thrilling "kinetic sculpture that uses Balinese Gamelan instruments and robotic mallets to create an immersive sound installation."

But the lure that initially brought us to the Clocktower this evening was former PAPER Beautiful person Thu Tran and Christopher Duffy's edible installation, Thanksgiving Deux, Dinnervisuals. A clever mountainscape of leftovers, mashed into submission, served as a canvas for psychedelic food-based projections. A coordinating map on a nearby table detailed the ingredients/regions and offered spoons. Did we have a taste of the "magical sequel to the most important dinner of the year"? No. But it smelled... interesting.