Terence Koh Needs a Stalker and the Google Instant Blacklist in Today's Eight Items or Less

Gary Pini

1. THE GOOGLE INSTANT BLACKLIST. A list of words, some that are horribly offensive and some that just aren't -- "lesbian" and "gay man" are included -- that Google Instant won't act upon. And yes, it's NSFW.

2. Listen to Kanye's "Lost in the World."

3. Teddy Bears wearing "Team Bieber" tee-shirts will hit retail stores on December 4. Or you could just have a cold Bierbeer.

4. Terence Koh  is looking for somebody to follow him around for 24 hours and video "every waking or sleeping moment." via Facebook

5. October 24 is Steampunk Day at the DUMBO Loft (155 Water Street, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., $5) with shopping and a fashion show at 4 p.m.

6. LCD Soundsystem is playing a private party tonight at the Angel Orensanz Foundation (172 Norfolk Street) for Microsoft Advertising and Advertising Week.

7. Steve "Good Night Mr." Lewis is moving to Williamsburg on Saturday. See you at Lady Jay's Steve!

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