Tegan and Sara's European Tour Diary: Part I

Tegan Quin and Lindsey Byrnes
Identical twin sisters and indie-pop deities Tegan and Sara released Sainthood in 2009 and have since been touring the Chris Walla-produced album. At the moment, they're traveling across Europe, and playing shows in Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Germany and England. Throughout the journey, Tegan will be sharing tales from the road with PAPERMG, alongside photos snapped by Lindsey Byrnes. Here's her first installment:

I need to pull it together and stop napping. I've been in Ireland for four days and so far I've napped three times. One of the naps lasted 12 hours. I'm not really a "nap person" in my regular life. In fact I think that naps should only be for babies, the elderly, pot heads and sick people. But apparently I'm all of those things now because I cannot stop napping.  I've suffered through jet lag a billion times in my 12-year career and each time I've followed specific guidelines to help expedite the jet lag experience. Things like exercise regularly, avoid alcohol and NEVER NAP have been gospel on past international trips. But not this time. Straight up, I'm a hot mess. The show, thankfully, is not. Our first gig in Belfast last night was awesome. The fans in the front row were beaming from ear to ear. One even threw sunglasses on stage at one point for me to wear during Northshore. I feel it really heightened the viewing pleasure for the whole audience. Another gaggle of fans threw bras. This always embarrasses me. The psychology of why is hard to explain in a few words or less. Our stage crew has strict instructions to get the bras off the stage as quickly as possible. It's incredible to me that at 29 years old I still have such bra shame. Every-time a bra flies at me on stage I am transported back to age 13 and shopping for my first bra at Sears with Sara and my mother. Irish people are fantastic audience members, though, regardless of the bra situation. When they aren't singing along, clapping over their heads or dancing, they are yelling in their cute little pirate accent. Something about hearing a request for "Daaa-ck Come Soon" just makes me smile. I had to shot gun a Coke Classic before we hit the stage but once I was a few songs in I started to get my groove back. Hopefully tonight in Dublin I manage to play as good a show AND get a good nights sleep. If not, I guess I'll just order more caffeine for tomorrow.  

Photos by Lindsey Byrnes

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