Well, what do you know. Taylor Swift, i.e. the least political celebrity for fear of alienating her audience, has created her own social network "The Swift Life" for cat-loving, Reputation-defending Swifties, only to have it overrun by Trump-supporting, homophobic Swifties.

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It reportedly took less than 48 hours after Swift launched the free app for conversation on the platform to turn political.

"Republicans and Trump supporters have just as much right to be here as everyone," a fan wrote in a now-deleted post. "There are people who voted for him or may vote Republican but didn't vote for him. They may not agree with his beliefs but at least he supports our troops." While another added: "I just don't accept gays lesbians and bisexuals."

Taylor Swift, who some have claimed to be the poster girl for the alt-right (mostly due to her Aryan looks and lack of political transparency), has yet to comment on the developments. She famously threatened legal action against a blog for recognizing her fans in closeted Neo-Nazis, particularly after they adopted her blame-casting hit "Look What You Made Me Do," their anthem.

Then again, she's had a "great year," so she can probably shake this one off.

Or can she?

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