While you were sleeping, a thing happened. The video for "End Game," Taylor Swift's collab with long-time friend Ed Sheeran and also Future in which Swift semi-raps once again and copiously use the word "reputation," dropped. We knew it was coming because of all that boob speculation after Miami paparazzi's BTS shots emerged, and now it has arrived.

"End Game," sees the snakey-singer travel to three different cities (Miami, Tokyo and London) with a very diverse cast of friends. Swift walks empty streets of the busiest cities in the world, parties on a yacht, takes shots with Sheeran and rides shotgun with Future. It's everything you might expect, and elicits some pretty strong reactions. Here are a few from in-house at PAPER:

Some initial questions: how much was Future paid to sacrifice his dignity for this feature? Who is styling Ed Sheeran? Who is styling Taylor Swift? Who is Taylor's choreographer and why did they suggest body rolls? Did Taylor think it wise to go "Toxic" on a motorcycle in Tokyo in a snakeskin suit? Is Taylor aware she has flogged the snake-thing to a pulp? Who are all these extremely hot and racially diverse models, and do they know they are in a Taylor Swift video? Why are all the streets deserted in every city? Has Taylor ever had this much fun? — Beatrice Hazlehurst

If Taylor swift tries to gyrate her white body in front of my black face one more time I swear... Future blink twice if you're OK. — Peyton Dix

Stay tuned for the CRAZY moment when Taylor Swift puts on Ed Sheeran's glasses UPSIDE DOWN. She might as well have put a lampshade on her head because PARTY! Future, please stop hanging with these lames. Ed, get a haircut. Taylor, go back to Pennsylvania — Julia Gray

Taylor acting overtly sexual has always been hard to take seriously. Luckily, the Ed Sheeran and Future cameos help to cut the acidity, like egg whites in a cocktail. "This is a pop song," their presence tells us. "Do not be alarmed by the skinny white lady gyrating." — Claire Valentine

Watch Taylor Swift's "End Game," below.

Photo via YouTube

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