Tavi, Iris Apfel and Some Of New York's Chicest Women Toast New York Fashion Week

Sarah Ferguson

Generations collided last night in the Liberty Room of the Ace Hotel. Tavi Gevinson and Iris Apfel in the same room? Yeah, that happened.

Ari Seth Cohen, editor of Advanced Style -- the blog that chronicles the eccentric street style of the 65+ set -- hosted the event that celebrated cross-generational style.

As the DJ spun standards that had the crowd, both old and young, bopping, I wandered around the packed space to take in the fabulous fashion. I quickly realized that "fabulous" was an understatement.

The elders in the room were fully made up and coiffed, and outfitted in baubles the size of my head, fascinators that would make Princess Beatrice weep, and thick framed glasses in flamboyant shapes and colors. (Note to self: please dress like this in fifty years)

Cohen took the stage to wish two of these impossibly chic, lively ladies a happy 100th birthday, and then welcomed 91-year-old Ilona Smithkin to the mic for some cabaret. Smithkin, who sported long fake lashes and teal eye liner, wrapped a red boa around her neck and dramatically declared, "Alright, I'm ready," before crooning "La Vie en Rose." She finished her set with "Que Sera, Sera," to which the captivated crowd sang along.  

Once the guests resumed mingling ("Learn something, they have a lot to teach you," Cohen urged the youngsters), I found Tavi in the center of a swarm of reporters, photographers, and giddy fans. With the clock nearing 10 p.m., the 15-year-old blogger must have been exhausted, but you would never know it by her total composure.

Though we've seen Tavi sporting grey hair in the past, she chose to represent her own age group last night, donning a crown crafted from pink pipe cleaners that she made with her friends as a DIY project for her new website, Rookie.

She told us that earlier in the night she got to chat "style, age, and all that good stuff" with the one and only Iris Apfel. But it wasn't only Apfel who caught her eye. "They're all amazing...I'm blown away," she gushed before being whisked away by a group of friends.

I left the party (only slightly ashamed that the teens and century old revelers were still kicking), completely inspired and eager to go treasure hunting through my grandmother's closet.

Photo by Gabi Porter, courtesy of Metromix.com. Via Advanced Style.

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