During my morning internet surf I happily discovered that the New York Times' T Magazine has a new travel issue. Always curious to know what the next Patagonia is I took a looky-loo inside. Voila! A story devoted to the new "Trophy Trips" of the rich and restless. As much as I'd love to ride on the forthcoming Virgin Galactic space jet (gotta wait until I find an extra $200,000 lurking in my portfolio) or go on an Antarctic safari, I'm not sure I want to share the adventure with a bevy of jet-setting braggarts.

To quote T:

"As Ann Mack, who monitors trends for J. Walter Thompson in New York, puts it, ‘‘The more experiences you have — and the more obscure and upscale they are — the more interesting you are at cocktail parties, because you have done something that most people haven’t.’’

Maybe a better trip would be to your nearest badly-lit church basement where you can drink decaf Nescafe out of a styrofoam cup and unravel the reasons why you're compelled to be so terminally unique? But I'm not judging!!! Bon Voyage Mes Amis! Don't let the space vampires bite!