SXSW: Nightmare And The Cat And Gary Baseman at the HP Mobile Park

Lindsey Weber

Papermag's down at SXSW this week, living in the very weird, very fun HP Mobile Park at Red River and Cesar Chavez St. We're chronicling all the fun at and, and re-publishing some of the coverage here.

I was not exactly thrilled when I woke up to banging and muffled voices yesterday morning. But when I emerged from my trailer, I realized it was a work crew setting up a huge stage for that night's HP Graphic Sounds party. I forgave them all immediately. Later that evening, the stage was set (literally, built from the ground up) and the Astro Turf was relaid. Picnic tables circled and I definitely wasn't the only one eagerly awaiting the Salt Lick BBQ. Through the gate, guests started to arrive just as adorable LA-based band Nightmare And The Cat finished sound-checking.

"Where am I?" blogger Rae Votta, asked after entering. Actually, all my NYC friends were quite taken aback with the HP set up -- a psychedelic trailer park filled with beanbag chairs and plastic flamingos. "I really like sitting on fake grass; there's not dirty and bugs like regular grass," she said -- parking herself on the 'turf.

The "lawn" filled with people, and the band started playing laid-back jangly indie rock. As they played, the artist Gary Baseman painted a canvas in-time with the music. The crowd wasn't sure what to focus on--the splattered canvas or the band. Baseman may have stolen the show a bit while everyone tried to figure out what his work-in-progress would turn it to. It turned out to be...a cat! His muses must have really inspired him.

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