Susan Cianciolo Declares the Sads and No Age Her Favorite Bands on Uniqlo T-Shirt

Over the weekend, we did a brief drive-by at Uniqlo on Broadway and were both surprised and delighted when we spotted a T-shirt with the L.A. bands The Sads and No Age written on the front and "Are my favorite bands" written on the back. Now, Smell favorites No Age have been written about all over the place -- they even managed to eke their way into The New Yorker! But The Sads, well, they are lessall over the place! Comprised of ANP Quarterly's Aaron Rose, regular PAPER photographer Dan Monick, Melvins member David Scott Stone and Moonrats-er Aska Matsumiya, the quartet are known for their "silent" shows wherein the band plays, and their instruments are fed into a sound board and routed into headphones worn by the audience members! After further digging, we discovered that one of our favorite designers Susan Cianciolo designed the shirt for Uniqlo! And then after some more digging (i.e. chatting with some people here at PAPER), we discovered that Aaron Rose and Cianciolo were once married. We feel like such a gumshoe!

Here's a photo of The Sads doing their thang:

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