Surf Legend Herbie Fletcher Turns Wreckage Into Art

Herbie Fletcher, Pipeline Wrecktangle XI, 2012

Artist and surf maestro Herbie Fletcher is bringing six pieces from his Wrecktangle series to The Hole for a new exhibit opening this Saturday, February 9. Featuring "wave-munched fragments of broken boards," each of Fletcher's pieces blend geometry with destruction, technology with logos. The broken boards -- many of which include stickers and decals from various brands and surf competitions -- merge together to form pinwheel shapes, creating beauty and precision from the wreckage. Check out a few of Fletcher's designs above and below. 

Herbie Fletcher, Pipeline Wrecktangle XII, 2012

Herbie Fletcher, Pipeline Wrecktangle XIII, 2012

Wrecktangles runs from February 9-February 28

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