Supermodel Pets Part 2: More Richard Phibbs Adoption Portraits

Last month PAPERMAG shared photographer Richard Phibbslovely adoption glamour shots for Humane Society of New York with you, and guess what? We have more! Phibbs just sent over a new batch of photos showing off the adorable, whiskered faces up for adoption at the HSNY (and, yes, our heart almost exploded looking at them). Since research suggests that shelter animals with flattering photos are adopted quicker than those photographed in their cages with not-so-great cameras, Phibbs, an accomplished celebrity and fashion photographer, donates his services to HSNY to ensure these animals' inherent cuteness is done justice. All of the dogs and cats in this gallery are up for adoption, and if you're thinking about bringing a furry friend into your life, we think Petey, Roxy, Alvin, Little Blue and the rest of the crew in the gallery above would make fine additions to your household. 

You can go here to inquire about adopting any of these animals or other pets at the Humane Society of New York, or call (212) 752-4842.

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