Superhero-Loving Artist Anthony Lister

I just spoke to my friend Marsea Goldberg from New Image Art, my favorite gallery in LA, who is getting ready to open a really good show tomorrow night by superhero-loving Aussie artist Anthony Lister. I met Lister (as they call him) thru my nephew George who often performs at Lister's shows, playing a demented, maniac, Batman-type character who is chained up during the show. Anyway he is super-talented and blowing up fast. I really love his work and wish I were in LA to go to the opening, but thought I'd throw it up here for all you Los Angelinos who are reading PAPERMAG. Go see the show. My super favorite piece is the green girl with buck teeth drinking champagne (see below). But I love lots more, especially his masks and the green-haired joker. Check out a sneak peek photo (pictured above) of the installation someone sent me today! New Image Art, 7908 Santa Monica Blvd. (near Fairfax)

Photos by Curtis Kulig

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