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Anna Wintour Got a New Job

Anna Wintour got a promotion. On Friday she'll be the new Artistic Director of Condé Nast (while remaining EIC of Vogue). That means she'll basically be a consultant and/or counselor for any Condé editor that… Read Full Story
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Givenchy Designed Some Outfits for Rihanna's Tour

Givenchy will be making a line of custom outfits (pictured above) for Rihanna on her new Diamonds world tour. When asked about the outfits, Ricardo Tisci said they represented "female empowerment" and described Rihanna as… Read Full Story

Vivienne Westwood Hates Michelle Obama's Style

Vivienne Westwood isn't fond of Michelle Obama's style. She told Eric Wilson: "Don't talk about her. It's dreadful what she wears....I don't want to talk about it. Really, I can't. She's a very nice looking… Read Full Story

Meanwhile Courtney Love Looooved Saint Laurent

Courtney Love, who was an inspiration for Hedi Slimane's collection at Saint Laurent, loved the widely panned show: "Hedi is a genius," she told The Fashion Law's Julie Zerbo over a Facebook conversation. "No offense… Read Full Story
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More Sexing From Kimye's Big Photoshoot

All of the images from Kimye's sexy spread in L'Officiel Hommes were released. Obviously we compiled all of the sexing ones for your amusement but they're surprisingly PG-13. [via High Snobette]We have a very love-hate… Read Full Story

Beyoncé Is In Trouble With PETA Again

Beyoncé is under fire from PETA for the second time. After collaborating on a shoe with Isabel Marant which uses stingray, ostrich, calf, crocodile, and anaconda, PETA released a statement about the cruelty of skinning… Read Full Story
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Jennifer Lawrence Looooves Photoshop

God we love Jennifer Lawrence. Access Hollywood showed her her Miss Dior campaign for the first time and her response was "Oh my god, I haven't seen this. That doesn't look like me at all.… Read Full Story
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Anne Hathaway Apologized For Her Oscars Dress

Anne Hathaway actually wrote a full apology for not wearing the Valentino dress she was supposed to wear to the Oscars. She released the following statement: "It came to my attention late Saturday night that… Read Full Story
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Kimye Look Like They're Having Sex on Their First Cover

Kim and Kanye's cover of L'Officiel Hommes -- their first cover as a couple -- leaked and appropriately enough, it looks like they're having sex. You know what? We're fine with it. [via The Fashion… Read Full Story
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How Boring Were Last Night's Oscars Looks?

Simon Doonan, writing for Slate, summed up his frustration with (in my opinion) the utter snore that was last night's red carpet fashion better than I ever could: "Is it fashion? No. Is it a… Read Full Story
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Manolo Blahnik Can't Tell Today's Celebrities Apart

Sex and the City-certified shoemaker Manolo Blahnik can't really tell celebrities apart these days. He told Tim Blanks that today's actresses are "all the same. I don't even know Amanda Seyfried or whatever... Anne Hathaway.… Read Full Story

USPS Is Making A "High-End" Fashion Line. Wut?

The United States Post Office is so strapped for cash it's creating its own clothing line of "smart apparel -- also known as wearable electronics." They will also buy their own space in the Garment… Read Full Story

Charlotte Free's Defense of Terry Richardson Is Icky

When Charlotte Free was asked about the accusations of sexual harassment leveled at Terry Richardson, she defended him by writing "i love terry's raw sexuality, it's one of the things i really admire about him.… Read Full Story

Marc Jacobs + André Leon Talley Talked Man-Pajamas

All you need to know about the man-pajamas that are so on trend this season, courtesy of Marc Jacobs and André Leon Talley: "It's all about home, and lounge, and louche." [via Fashionista]We really don't… Read Full Story

Wait, There Are Two YSL Movies Coming Out?

In keeping with a movie trend we all really, really hate, two different biopics about Yves Saint Laurent are currently in production and coming out at the same time. Saint Laurent (on the left) is… Read Full Story
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Marc Jacobs' Diet Coke Cans Are Really Cute

Ooh, we like the new Marc Jacobs-designed Diet Coke cans! [via WWD]Matthew McConaughey is making a clothing line. It'll be called JKL, it'll be very sporty, and it won't actually be designed by McConaughey --… Read Full Story

Snoop Lion Loves Getting French Tips (No, Really)

Snoop Lion's new interview in Vice is so so so amazing. We especially like this little tidbit: "Even when I'm getting getting my nails done, that's real player ... The average guy can't see himself… Read Full Story

Designers Won't Lend Kim Kardashian Their Clothes

Nicola Formichetti had a really hard time styling Kim Kardashian for her Elle shoot. He revealed that it was "a challenge ... People wouldn't lend me the clothes. But that's fashion snobbery." While that's a… Read Full Story
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Michelle Williams Didn't Dress Up for Her Newest Cover

Michelle Williams is really throwing down some slouchy off-duty realness (minus the headpiece, of course) on the new cover of AnOther. [via Fashion Spot]We can't stop watching Miu Miu's new short film "The Door" starring… Read Full Story

That Time Oscar de la Renta Almost Fought Cecil Beaton

New York magazine's interview with Oscar de la Renta is amazing. Among the many things we learn, our two favorites are that he used to live above Tennessee Williams -- who was noisy and into… Read Full Story