Stream Junglepussy's Epic New Album

by Justin Moran

Junglepussy with producer Shy Guy. Photo via VFiles' Instagram.

Sporting a hot pink overall dress with matching Converse sneakers and a barely-there bikini top, 22-year-old Brooklyn rapper Junglepussy riled up the crowd last night in the VFiles shop, where a listening party was being held for her debut album Satisfaction Guaranteed. "I just want to be free, swinging my titties from tree to tree; sipping ginger tea and Hennessey; looking good without a weave," she spit, with untouchable fire, over the standout track "Me," produced by Shy Guy.

Among the evening's attendees were local rappers LE1F, Princess Nokia and Dai Burger, who looked especially amazing in a skintight denim jumpsuit, throwback pink-tinted sunglasses and multi-colored cascading locks.

Satisfaction Guaranteed -- released earlier this week -- serves as Junglepussy's official introduction as an MC and offers up dark aggression, lyrical honesty and lots of steamy sensuality. Stream the album below and look out for bangers like "Want Some Mo," "Bling Bling" and title track "Satisfaction Guaranteed."

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