Steampunk Day!

Lisa Moon

Just like all those stiff ladies on the Upper East Side, our vision of the future has undergone a total facelift. We're moving on from the Balenciaga scuba gear and teetering heels of yesteryear to the retro-futuristic movement/phenomenon/lifestyle of Steampunk. And it seems, so is everyone else we know! In case you missed our coverage of this groundbreaking trend back in May, Steampunk is a "retro design movement that's all about the future." This latest, burgeoning subculture wanders way off the beaten track, clashing the laced-up suppression of the Victorian era with mechanical ornamentation, and a bit of tattooed rebelliousness. In fashion, this translates to a cheekier take on corsets and antique timepieces: less severe and much, much more disheveled.

I mean, even Ghesquiere has FINALLY caught on with yesterday's show fashion week, stunning the uptight Parisians by scouring the past to create a lineup of retro 60s inspired, scifi designs more attune to the Jetsons than his usual cold, unrecognizable sleekness. So, to mark this revolutionary change of pace in fashion, local Brooklyn Indie Market will be hosting its own Steampunk and Vintage Style Day and fashion show on October 25th. A motley crew of wonderfully eccentric designers, musicians, artists, and G.D. Falksen himself, the unofficial face of Steampunk, will be there to join in on the Victorian, old world festivities. We'll see you there! Click here for more info.

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