Stan D'Arde Reports: The V Party at the Boom Boom Room

Stan D'Arde

Welcome to the second guest blog written by Stan D'Arde, the debonair, anonymous diplomat of the Standard Hotel. Stan will be bringing us the scoop on all of the fun going on at the Standard this week, which is currently filled to the brim with cute downtown types and chest-hair-exposing French playboys celebrating all things style.

Dear Stan D'elovelies:

Hope you're well. Because we don't think we are. After 22 back-to-back fashion weeks here in New York City, we are beginning to think we're becoming fashion WEAK... or maybe it's just the overindulging in martinis that brings us down? Either way, you know it's already been an AMAZING week when you're exhausted only four days in. It's fine. We're only being dramatique, bien sur! Nothing brings a Stan down.

So who's the latest culprit to our fashion exhaustion, you ask? V's party for the New York Issue, No: 67 in the Boom Boom Room. No one throws a party like Visionaire. Well, we do, but we digress.

Last night, the V crew brought out the New York-centric celebration in full force. Statue of Liberty foam headdress invitations led you to street dancers on top of the bars at and a room full of Lady Gaga impersonators. Everywhere you went, there she was... in a different outfit. Lady Bunny was the DJ du soir, and those dancing to her beats while giving me side eyes included Marc Jacobs, Leighton Meester, Courtney Love, Prabal Gurung, Brad Goreski and Rachel Zoe (dying in a corner), Kelly Osborne, Terry Richardson, Dean Caten of DSquared, my boys Alex Wang and Joseph Altuzarra, supermodel Linda V., Vogue's Hamish Bowles, Lord Eddie Spencer-Churchill, Jean-Marc Houmard of Indochine fame and all the V masterminds... Steven Gan, Cecilia Dean, Jorge Garcia and James Kaliardos. It was just TOO MUCH to handle.

Chicness like that can only happen in one place. No. Not my 3,000 square foot walk-in closet.  The Standard, New York!  When will I see you there??? You only have three more days. A bientot!


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