Staerk Flagship Boutique Opens in Nolita

Camilla Staerk, the Danish designer behind modern-minimalist clothing line Staerk, announced today that her new Nolita flagship boutique is finally open to the public. The sparse Scandanavian space, designed by Staerk along with Erik Johnson, is black-and-white heavy, and features wood, marble and metal details. The store will sell the complete Staerk womenswear collection, as well as shoes, bags, belts and swimwear. Additionally, Staerk will reintroduce her sunglass line which she produced with Selima Optique, which she'll be peddling alongside her capsule jewelry collection. Staerk hopes the boutique will feel like a "creative space," and has peppered sculptures by Mies van der Rohe and Finn Juhe, along with glassworks by Holmegaard throughout the store. She also said that she plans to hold art exhibits in the space.

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