Speed Racer Makes Your Eyes Bleed!

“Go Speed Racer Go!” Opening this Friday is Speed Racer. The Wachowski Brothers (of The Matrix fame) make a psychedelic live-action cartoon of the well-loved animated Speed Racer series with look-alike human counterparts. There's pompadoured Emile Hirsch as the fearless youthful racing car driver Speed, haunted by his brother Rex’s death, supported by his loyal family, Mom (Susan Sarandon), Dad (John Goodman), and devoted girlfriend Trixi (Christina Ricci), determined to win the Grand Prix just to stick it to the evil tycoon owner of Royalton Industries (Roger Allam) who is hellbent on thwarting Speed at every curve of the road. This family-friendly flick is pumped up with outrageous visuals -- a bubble gum universe of bright pinks, blues and yellows, and punctuated periodically with syrupy heartfelt melodramatic exchanges that are ironic and loony and funny. I remember being so assaulted by the visuals that I feared I would weary of it after a while, but by the time it got to the Grand Prix and a host of International stars started popping up I’d given over to it. Any lover of Anime and innovative modern Japanese cult cinema will groove on where the Wachowki’s are coming from. It’s a kids flick but with visuals that will make yours eyes bleed.

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