Sound the Horns! Reveille Opens in Portland

Elizabeth Thompson

Papermag has had Portland on the brain a lot lately thanks to our current television obsession, Portlandia (sorry The Killing, you're only our number two!). We were intrigued, therefore, when we got word of Reveille, a cute new high-end vintage boutique that just opened there and, to the best of our knowledge, doesn't sell anything with a bird on it. In addition to vintage pieces, owners Camille Pandian and Jess Carson have stocked their shop with with contemporary
collections from independent designers including Samantha Pleet, Seneca Rising, Stone Cold Fox and Mister Freedom. (A house brand of menswear, designed by Carson, is also in the works.) They've also got goodies on the way from Opening Ceremony, Alice by Temperly, Sugar Cane, Wings + Horns, and Heritage Research. Check out these photos of their space, located at 728 NW 23rd Ave in Portland..

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