Some Observations on Allison Williams' New Peter Pan Photo

by Elizabeth Thompson + Gabby Bess
Girls' Allison Williams was recently cast to star in a live-taping of Peter Pan on NBC, alongside Christopher Walken as Captain Hook. Today, she shared a first photo from the production on her Instagram account, and, though Peter Pan Live! doesn't air until December 4th, we've got some early observations.

1.) The fact that the lighting and her pose are so majestic is throwing us off. It looks like it should be wind-swept, but THERE'S NO HAIR TO MOVE. Where is her hair? Why don't we understand how wigs work?

2.) In that wig, she looks a little like Paul Ryan or your fill-in-the-blank young, fresh-faced GOP politician who sets off a primal scream in your head anytime he's on TV.

3). Also in that wig, is she boyfriend twins with Ricky Van Veen? Kind of?  Either way, Boyfriend Twins is the name of our new electroclash band.

4) Her costume, with its punk-ish bike shorts and mesh sleeves is very '80s-Sunset-Strip-troubled-teen-punk Peter Pan. Electric guitar squeal!

5). We like her boots.

6.) We have a sneaking suspicion that her entire costume was made out of different textured Ace bandages.

7.) Her outfit may be tragic but we all need to be on her calf muscle-specific workout plan -- which she could teach without even changing out of her costume.

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