Sock Hop is Our Shop of the Week

Rebecca Prusinowski

Seeking a more refined alternative to the surly Sock Man on St. Marks? Sure, we kinda love the curmudgeon, but The Sock Hop on Elizabeth Street stocks an A+ selection of socks and hosiery -- in a delightful space to boot. From the ferocious pair of Henrik Vibskov Grit Cross tights in the window to the vintage '40s fishnets by Victory Lace, The Sock Hop mixes contemporary fashion-based brands and heritage names alike. For the ladies, we heart Falke's sexy patterned stockings and the quirky designs of Hansel from Basel and Ozone. The handmade silk thigh-highs and purple mohair leggings from Italian Maria La Rosa are sumptuous, and let's not forget Happy Socks from Sweden!

Beyond their socks for men - Psycho Bunny, the venerable Fox River among them -- The Sock Hop sells classic American-made leather goods, suspenders and outdoor bags that gents might enjoy. Proprietor Vincent Nasserbakht is partial toward traditionally crafted brands, and the shop's display gear reinforces the sensibility -- vintage toolboxes, an old ladder, a work bench for the cash register. It makes for one charming Nolita newcomer -- and a must-hit for the sockophiles among us. Whether you're seeking a classy over-the-knee look with "a hint of color" or an electric pair of cashmere leggings, The Sock Hop has you covered.

The Sock Hop
248 Elizabeth Street
(212) 625-3105

Photos by Rebecca Prusinowski

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