So Tim Tebow's Likely Moving to NYC...Here's Where He Should Go

News came out this afternoon that quarterback Tim Tebow has (probably) been traded to the New York Jets. But what will big city life bring for a man who was born to missionary parents in the Phillipines, prays when he scores a touchdown and is outspokenly conservative?  It's a bit nutty to imagine T-squared living in one of the biggest, most secular and most liberal cities in the country so PAPERMAG has decided to offer some safe and comfy bets for where he might feel most welcome.

Where he should live: Murray Hill

Where he should take Katy Perry or Taylor Swift out on a date:
Lavo or Del Frisco's

Where he should go out to eat:
Jackson Hole Burgers

Where he should shop:
Blue & Cream or Scoop

Where he should go out for a drink Coca-Cola:
Tonic East or Joshua Tree

Where he should go for some wholesome entertainment: Bowling at Bowlmor Lanes

Where he should go for a weekend getaway: Westhampton

Where he should stay away from:
Christopher St.

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