Snow White & Rob Lowe at the Oscars!

Here's the jaw-dropping opening to the 1989 Academy Awards telecast that I actually attended. I was with Willem Dafoe, who was a presenter that year, and we just arrived in L.A. from him shooting a movie in Poland -- at Auschwitz, no less. So we went from Auschwitz to the Oscars and this mind-boggling opening number was producer Allan Carr's attempt to blend old Hollywood and glitz back into the show... but it backfired big time. I remember people sitting in the theater with their mouths open in disbelief. And I had to strain so hard not to start howling with laughter, my face hurt like hell after three hours... But compared to the dismally dull Awards show which will probably take place this year, I will miss Rob Lowe and Snow White singing "Proud Mary"....

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