SNL's Aidy Bryant Steals the Spotlight

by Elizabeth Thompson / photographed by Kate Owen
Aidy wears a trench coat by Joe Browns from SimplyBe and shoes by Yes.

Though she's only two seasons in, Aidy Bryant has already emerged as Saturday Night Live's secret weapon, with scene-stealing roles that run the gamut from Tonker Bell, Tinker Bell's big-haired, gloriously inappropriate half-sister, to an "International Nasty Girl" in a memorable short titled "Dongs All Over The World."

But it was "Dyke and Fats," a brilliant '70s cop show spoof that aired on a Louis C.K.-hosted SNL episode in March, where Bryant's take-no-shit on-screen essence got to shine brightest. Written by Bryant and Kate McKinnon, the show's first openly gay cast member, the sketch features badass Chicago cops Chubbina Fatzarelli and Les Dykawitz. The sketch ends with their captain, played by C.K., unwisely calling the duo "Dyke and Fats" to their faces. "Only we get to say it," McKinnon and Bryant shout at him. "Those are our words!" The sketch was easily the funniest of the night, having won the exaltation of the Internet by Monday morning. Louis C.K. who?

"We just wanted to embrace what we are and put it in everyone's face," says Bryant. "At the after-party I went up to Lorne and said, 'Thank you for putting something called "Dyke and Fats" on television.' I just couldn't believe that it had happened."

But the Second City alum says it is Morgan, from SNL's uncomfortably relatable "Girlfriends Talk Show," who speaks to her the most. A hormonal jumble of a tween, Morgan still has childish interests but is also coaching her middle-aged neighbor through a divorce. "I just remember myself as a kid feeling like, 'I'm an adult, but I'm also a full-grown baby,'" says Bryant. "She really straddles that -- she has very mature points of view about bigger concepts like relationships and confidence, but then also has a deep affinity for beads and sand art." Bryant pauses. "In some ways, I think she's a voice of reason."

Stylist: Solange Franklin

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