SNL Cast Members Past & Present Explain Writers' Strike To You

My inbox has been flooding with emails about the Writers' Strike. (Yes, as a card-carrying member of S.A.G. I plan to march in solidarity. Maybe even bake those adorably caustic writers some very special brownies! Especially for the Family Guy and American Dad scribes!) One of these emails arrived with a link to a YouTube clip of former Saturday Night Live cast member Tim Kazurinsky who I think explains the situation as best as anyone has. I also like the comments posted on that particular YouTube site, three of which are excerpted here:

-Hey, tardo, pick up a paper. This isn't only the entertainment business. This is happening all over America with mega conglomerates making the top 1 percent of the country richer while sucking regular people dry. And MOST writers are middle class regular people. Again, read up before you make an ass of yourself making ignorant comments. Or maybe you want all the money in the world to go to about fifty people?

-Health insurance isn't provided for free...that's a lame assumption you have. There are premiums to pay. Writers don't work 12 months of the year. True there are your steady big name writers but I read that roughly 40% of writers are unemployed at any time. They need their residuals. 4 cents was a joke way back when and producers said they'd fix it and they didn't. Now they are trying to secure their future for new media before they get hosed.

-Great explanation. Even with the DVD negotiations off the table, the corporations won't even talk about new media.

The video below is from the present day SNL and they also get to root of the problem. Just wait til the actors' and directors' contracts run out! No one is going to work in this town for a looooooong time. (You're gonna see a lot of stuff up for sale on eBay soon.) It took a lot more than a strike to topple the Romanovs. Which in Movieland are the greedy A-listers who are sucking all the money up (as this very astute article in this Monday's New York Times points out.) I think everyone here is facing a long, hard slog. Even so....Power to the B-C-D and LMNOP List People!

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