Snack Wraps, Wrap Dresses and Fonzworth Bentley at Dinner with Bevy

Zandile Blay

Usually a dinner with Bevy Smith  is all about a haute meal, a cold drink and a celebrity guest of honor at a fashionable restaurants. For her latest dinner, one of our fave PAPER pals opted for much more standard fare at McDonalds at Rockerfeller Center. Though Fonzworth Bentley and TV host Alesha Renee came ti dinner, the guest of honor were McDonald's new angus snack wrap and a new smoothie dubbed "the taste of summer." The tasty bites were crafted by chef Dan Coudreaut, McDonalds' director of culinary innovation (did you even know they had such things at McD's!?), but what about the evening really took my breath away? Bevy's look. Envision: bountiful bubbies, skin-tight DVF wrap dress and the highest Louboutin's ever. See more pics of the event, which was attended by singer .

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