Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

Alexis Swerdloff

They don't even have an album out yet (their debut, Treats, drops May 11th) but Brooklyn-based dance-synth duo Sleigh Bells is basically the biggest thing to happen to the music scene since sliced bread. We chatted with lead singer Alexis Krauss.

How've you been dealing with the insane buzz?
All the hype that's around us -- I don't want to sound like we're not grateful -- but it's just so
separate from our daily lives. A lot of people have been like, "You have this buzz. If you don't act and make this decision or that decision, you'll just be a flavor of the month band." The thing that keeps my bandmate Derek [Miller] and I calm is that, even though no one has our record yet, people come to our shows, and seem genuinely excited about the music.

You started out as a session singer, right?

I basically paid for college by teaming up with these songwriters. Like, they'd have a
song to pitch to Kelly Clarkson, and they'd hire a session singer like me to demo the song. We'd do a fully professional recording, and then they'd pitch it to whomever was interested. Like, I did this weird song for Britney Spears called "I Like It On Top" that I don't think she ever sang...

As a fellow Alexis, I have to ask, what's it like being an Alexis?
Growing up people always asked if I was named after A lexis Carrington from Dynasty.
She was evil. My mom was like, "No." There were a lot of girls named Krystle in my grade, so
people just assumed... My full name is actually Sydney Alexis Duncan Krauss. I actually had
one of those backpacks with a custom-made "SADK" sewn on it.

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