Sky Ferreira Expertly Handles the Most Awkward Interview Ever

by Justin Moran

We've seen our fair share of awkward TV interviews, but Sky Ferreira's appearance last night on Brazilian talk show The Noite is a strong contender for the most painful yet. Not only did host Danilo Gentili speak through a translator, which added an extra layer of discomfort, but also rudely opened by asking Sky if people loved her work for the music or "because of the tits," referring to her topless album cover.

Despite a blatantly degrading probe, Sky handled the situation like a pro and responded with a cool, "I'm pretty sure it's because of my work, but I guess that helps if you're a pervert." An obvious attempt at humor by Mr. Gentili, but Sky brilliantly hung him up to dry on his own show.

After an agonizing discussion about tarantulas, Michael Jackson and Sky's background in opera, the host went on to give his own opera performance, which left us squirming until Sky took the stage to perform "You're Not The One." Looking effortless and unfazed by the entire interview, Sky powerfully worked through the Night Time, My Time single, proving exactly why "her tits" haven't played even the slightest role in her success.

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