Singer Catey Shaw Made a Brooklyn Version of Katy Perry's "California Girls"

by Mally Espaillat

Remember Katy Perry's "California Girls" hit from a few years back? She told us all about Daisy Dukes, fooling around in a jeep overlooking the Pacific, and just how "fine, fresh, fierce" these sun-kissed chicks really are. But the song left us wondering: what about the females on the East Coast? Up-and-coming singer Catey Shaw has New York City women -- or, rather, Brooklyn chicks -- says she has us covered.

In her latest video, "Brooklyn Girls," Shaw celebrates the ladies who traipse around in clouds of cigarette smoke rather than Katy Perry's cotton candy fluff. To create the clip, she teamed up with Jon Jon Augustavo, the director behind Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' videos "Thrift Shop," "Can't Hold Us," and "Same Love."

The video features Shaw and her fellow Brooklynites vibing in septum piercings, hanging out with skaters and chilling at a backyard party and drinking the requisite PBR. "I immediately knew I wanted [the video] to be in Brooklyn and I wanted a lot of shots of where I actually lived," Shaw says. "It's the real Brooklyn! I entertained the idea of finding fashionistas, and making it kind of Sex and the City, but it didn't serve any kind of new meaning. I think people are thirsting for something more real that they can identify with."

The track appears on Shaw's forthcoming EP, The Brooklyn EP, set to drop September 9th. Of all this BK love, Shaw says "Ever since I moved [to Brooklyn], it allowed me to become the person and artist I always wanted to be. When I first moved there after dropping out of school, I finally felt like a real person."

Along with the EP, Shaw will also be releasing her own artwork to accompany each single. "Painting is really important to me," she says. "But the whole first year in music, I strayed away from it as I was learning more about songwriting and focusing more on my music. I work mainly through self-portraiture."

You can catch Shaw live at a release party July 17th at Williamsburg Baby's All Right.

Pre-order The Brooklyn EP and buy "Brooklyn Girls" HERE.

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